Khashayar Ghamati Ghamsari

Ph.D. student

Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK

My History & Profile

I am a Ph.D. researcher in computer science at the University of Hertfordshire researching Human-Robot interaction.

Research Interests

Human-Robot Interaction


Computer Vision (image processing, video processing)

Machine Learning (neural network, probabilistic graphical model)




Programming Languages

  • Python
  • J2SE
  • JavaScript

Frameworks & Libraries

  • PyTorch
  • Tensorflow
  • ROS
  • Android
  • Django
  • React

Training Courses, Neural Network and Deep Learning, Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization

Stanford University, Probabilistic Graphical Models 1: Representation, Convolutional Neural Networks

Robotics: Estimation and Learning


Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Hertfordshire

Master of Computer Science student at SRBIAU

Bachelor of Information Technology at QIAU

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer at Snapproom

Product Manager at Alef Market

Senior Software Engineer at Arta Vision AVA

Software Developer at Karina Mobile Solutions

Software Developer at Kaman Academy

Involved Projects

The Alan Turing Institute Data Study Group(2023)

Indoor navigation(Estimation of users’ position by using the Beacon sensors in the indoor environment)(2019 – 2020)

Building a recommender system by using the Bayesian Network to predict customers’ future purchases(Master)(2020 - 2022)

I was a volunteer researcher at Mechatronic Research Laboratory (MRL). I developed some projects to improve robot's navigation. I used ROS and Octomap to create a module to assist the robot in navigation, it was designed to work in an unknown environment.(2011- 2016)